Gilmer County Animal control ordinance information



Public concerns about stray and unwanted animals have led the Gilmer County Board of Commissioners to move forward with a new animal control ordinance.
The proposed 12-page ordinance such things as animals who are a public nuisance which includes animals “found at large, who damage property of anyone other than its owner, that chase cars, attacks other domestic animals, that attacks pedestrians or passersby unprovoked, that are deemed to be a menace to the public health, welfare or safety, or found sick, dead, or injured on public property.
The ordinance also provides penalties for violations of its provisions, such as running at large, disturbing the peace, keeping diseased or sick animals, cruelty to animals, fighting animals, allowing animals in heat to run at large, or damaging property.
The ordinance also covers dangerous animals and penalties for keeping dangerous animals.

For a copy of the ordinance click here.

Gilmer County Animal Control