Cell Phone Gate Access



                                  The Board has approved the use of cell phones to access our gate system with the following conditions:


                                           1. There is no ETC wired telephone in the house.


                                           2. The property owner must sign an affidavit stating that (1) they are aware of paragraph 16(a) of the CCRs

                                               stating that the Association is not a guarantor of the safety of residents and is not responsible for providing

                                               security to the residents, and any visitors allowed in remotely will be considered the responsibility of the

                                               owner; and (2) they are aware that guests admitted remotely must be accompanied by the property owner

                                               if using any of the Mountain facilities.


                                          3. There is a fifty (50) dollar a year charge for non local cell phones. Non local is defined as any number that

                                               is a long distance call from the office.


                                          4. There will be only one phone per house connected to the gate system.